9 Tips To Manage Your Time (Part 2)

There are so many ways to be more mindful of our time.

Today I have two more tips than last time for you.
  1. Shall you work extremely early or late and your phone rings – don’t pick up. Your conversational partners will get used to this time when you have your quiet and productive hours
  2. Create a sense of when it’s not worth to continue your work – because you are just too tired. In these cases thankfully go for a coffee break or to bed.
  3. End phone calls when you realise that the chit chat starts. Be direct and certain „I need to leave now.“ – without making excuses or giving reasons why.
  4. Before you call someone make sure you know what you want. Write down important points. That is especially useful when you reach the voice mail, to remember and being fluent in speech.
  5. Declutter. Throw away seemingly practical things that you don’t use anyway. Make room in your drawers and your brain.
  6. Don’t book the last flight or train, shall this one be cancelled you are stuck.
  7. On every desk there should be at least one cleared horizontal space within your sight that will make your soul free and more peaceful.
  8. Stop whining over past mistakes. Learn from them, let go and move on.
  9. Make sure that only documents of your current project are on your desk. Documents of previous or upcoming projects are best stored someplace else next to or behind you.
Which of the above resonated with you personally?

Take it and make the best out of your day. There are plenty of tips where these came from and I am eager to share them all with you over the course of time.
Download my free workbook Time Management to Go – 5 Easy Steps to Quickly Crush It Every Day for more insight and a good foundation.
You have some great tips to share with the world? Awesome! Leave a comment with your most impactful time management tip. #growwithEbony

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