The Beauty In Being Different

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Diversity has been embraced more and more over the past years.

The next generations have shown the world what it means to express one self and to kick ass. So you might think: ‚Sure, being different is beautiful.‘
From cosmopolitan cities such as Berlin, New York and London, different seems the new normal everywhere. Everybody wants to stand out, it seems. I think it’s missing the fact that the perception of being different nowadays disconnects. It singles out and polarizes beliefs of ‚I am so special‘ or ‚I am so unworthy‘. Whereat what makes you different was planted in us to connect not to disconnect.

Despite what the trend is today, unwillingly we all find ourselves in moments where we sense something within us that makes us feel uncomfortable, doubtful, angry or even resentful, when facing difference.

These are the moments I am talking about when I say ‚the beauty of being different‘.

Do you know these situations?

  • ‚She/he is so arrogant, what makes this person think she/he can be a … at age …?‘
  • ‚In my generation we learned to…, what makes them think….‘
  • ‚You don’t talk about feelings or purpose in the professional world. Get results.‘
  • ‚This is old school; in today’s world we need ….‘

Know that I am not talking about being stubborn, inflexible, harsh and indifferent. I am talking about your essence that faces the fact of being perceived different to others.

Some examples you might stand out as different:

  • Your life’s philosophy
  • Your upbringing
  • Your expression by style
  • Your level of empathy
  • Your strong logical thinking
  • Your strong creative thinking
  • Your story
  • Your challenges

Being different might look like you are an outsider, swimming against the stream.

How to find the beauty?
  1. Embrace yourself with all that there is to you
  2. Understand that everything is connected and happening for a reason, even the wind that blows in your face
  3. Ask yourself how your difference can contribute to the greater good
  4. Focus on the good, the connection that the difference brings to the table

For me the true beauty lies in the fact that the ’normal‘ gets stirred up, that the norm can evolve and reform. It’s ok to be different!

We all possess this difference. It has the power to change other people’s life for the better. This view works vice versa. Who is different to you that you neglected because of the difference? You might like to take another close look and see where to constructively connect.

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