Letting Go of Biorhythm Guilt

In my workbook Time Management to Go –  5 Easy Steps to Quickly Crush It Every Day I mention the biorhythm and how it is necessary to know yours in order to be more productive.

As I am an intermediate with a strong preference to a night-owl, I have had to face my guilt. What guilt you might ask? Well, the media suggests that the most successful people are early-risers. They portray a person that gets up at 4:30am, goes for a run in the park, reads for an hour and meditates before breakfast, only to be up and ready to tackle the day at 7am.

With a feeling of guilt, I therefore challenged myself to follow this outline. For some weeks it would work well, for others not so. And by the way, the guilt can also work for early-risers who admire the creative night-owl.

The question was: Why was I torturing myself?

Up until then, I thought I would be more successful by following this general thinking. While in fact I am more successful by letting go of this myth, embracing who I am. Over the time I got rid of my guilt to not being a 100% early-riser all of the time.

Some of my findings:
  • When I determine how success looks, feels and tastes like for me, I am free of others opinions
  • I can start my day any time with power actions to create the results I want
  • When guilt rises inside of me, loving myself enables me to love the moment and move forward
  • An outlook and planning of my next day, helps me to choose when I want to start my day
  • The focus on the 2 to 4 tasks that are of most importance to me on that day, fill me with joy which gives me the ability to even wake up early naturally
  • An attitude of gratitude connects me to all the good that there is

In the end it is all about which side I mentally feed. I can be all that I choose to be. I can feel all that I choose to feel.

For those of you that are for example employees, acting within a set time frame, you too can get there. It might seem that you don’t have a choice but to start work at a specific time. Yet, you can choose your attitude, state of mind and energy level.

Love yourself, envision why you truly getting up and feed the empowering side of yourself. At the end we all are not doing what we are doing because of money.

Disagree? Well, think of WHY you want to earn money and why these things you purchase are important to you. That’s the fuel which helps you letting go of the biorhythm guilt. Just get up!

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