How Leaders Empower Others

Empowerment is such a rare yet vital elixir in the 21st century.

Leaders are required to empower others no matter if Baby Boomer or Millennial. With diverse characters and personalities in our proximity, it seems to be quite challenging to empower others. On August 27th I was invited to share my story at the John Maxwell Culture Award in Orlando with approximately 7000 people in the audience, on how I lead and lift others. Today I want to share it with you.

A couple of months ago I met a friend who had to move from home to home due to a water problem at her house. So I invited her to live with me.

Soon, I realized that my friend was in great stress professionally and personally. As an entrepreneur I know how hard it can be, when the environment doesn’t seem to be empowering. That’s why I chose to pour into my friend’s life.

There were actually two things I did to lead and lift her:

  1. Every evening, when she got back home from work, ready to jump into her fashion project, I would sit with her for encouragement and problem solving.
  2. As those 3 months were also a tough time for me in my own business, I intentionally let her observe how I handle my own challenges.

Just before I went to this event, she shared with me what an impact these three months had:

  • She is inspired to design her life and outcome
  • She landed her desired position at her current job
  • She is empowered to lead and lift others

I tell you, what I told John. ‚These three months made a big difference in my friend’s life, but it made an even bigger difference to me, because it is such a joy to see others grow!‘

In conclusion: When the other person is a breathing human being, then they need love. Now, that might express in diverse ways. A good start is to listen, understand and pour good words of encouragement into them without any kind of judgement. Give of your power to empower. Letting others see the real you and how you handle difficulties is another empowerment boost. Now you start to lead and lift others as a role model. Start empowering others. It will empower you too!

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