5 Ways To Empower Your Day

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Running, superfood breakfast, cold shower and Yoga might come to your mind when thinking of a powerful start into the day. And while these are also good suggestions to start your day, they cater primarily to your physical body.

You my friend are a spiritual being. Wouldn’t it make sense to energize your spirit for starters?
Some might say: „Ebony I am not spiritual, I am a realist.“

Let’s pause here.

However you see yourself is true to you. When saying you are a spiritual being I was not referring to your chosen thinking or life style. I was referring to your creation as a human being.
Look into the mirror and you see your physical body. Think of what to wear tomorrow and you experience your mental skills. Close your eyes and observe yourself while you concentrate on your breath and you get a glimpse of your spiritual being.
That’s the you I am addressing here.

Back to the 5 ways to empower your day.

These will cater either directly to your spirit or to your mind.

  1. The Gratefulness Journal
    Journaling is in general a good way to process thoughts and feelings. A gratefulness journal will increase contentment, joy and peace. All too often are we neglecting the good things that are happening during the day or even a month and focus on what we don’t have. Counting your blessings each morning will make you aware of what you already have to be grateful for.
    Tip: Choose a set place where you will write your list each morning. This will condition you to tap into the positive energy of gratefulness even faster each time. Now, write down at least 10 things, people and scenarios you are grateful for and why.
  2. Meditation
    There are plenty ways of meditation. I give you my best practice. The point is to be in the now and let your thoughts come and go until you find stillness, peace and clarity.

    • Quiet time
      Sit, stand or lie somewhere you can relax. Choose a place where it is quiet already such as a forest, the sea side, living room or even on the toilet. Pick a spot to fixate your eyes on and let your thoughts come and go until they drift away. It might also help to close your eyes.
    • Guided meditation MP3s
      Get yourself a meditation MP3 that guides you into a state of relaxation. Do this regularly and with consistency in order to relax faster.
    • Slow walking
      Some days just seem to be busy and overwhelming. When you take a break, go outside and walk slowly up aaaand down. You can fix your eyes up or down while you walk. Your thoughts are directed towards walking slow, therefore be intentional when walking slower. Soon you realize that you calm down.
    • Paraliminal MP3s
      These MP3s work similar as meditation MP3s. The difference is that they are in stereo and are catering to your logical and creative brain. They also have a particular topic that they help you absorb with your subconscious. Paraliminals increase your power and positive energy.
  3. Prayer
    Prayer releases your words into the atmosphere, the universe, the divine. There are diverse prayer styles out there. We concentrate on the common prayer that best starts with giving praise to God (the universe, the higher power). Praise releases something into the atmosphere that is aligning your spirit with the higher power as you let go of your ego. After your praise go into thanksgiving for the good there is. This will help you tune into love. Now, boldly ask for the things you hope to see in your life or the life of others. Note: speak out what you want, not what you don’t want. Take a deep breath if you need help praying in spirit and not with logical thinking. When you have made your request, believe and receive. Last, express your belief and give thanks for it is done!
  4.  Energized Affirmations
    Have good words for you. When we observe self-talk (spoken words or thoughts), people tend to choose negative over positive. Affirmations will help you create a positive self-talk and self-image. Take something you like to change and replace your old thinking with a new one. You might say: „I am a great team member to work with.“ or „I am one with God therefore I am love.“ Repeat them as often as possible during the day, each day. While those alone help you already, increasing their energy will work wonders. How do you do that? Find a memory where you felt deep love, joy or freedom. Now, when saying your affirmations, connect this feeling with it.
  5. Reflective Reading
    Oh, I love reading. Yet there is a difference between reading and reflective reading. While you can read plenty of pages in the morning and think „What a great read. This is so good!“, you can also stop and reflect on paragraphs to bring them into your daily life. You might not read plenty of pages; in fact you might find yourself having read only one paragraph. Yet, you can take this paragraph/sentence/word/revelation into your day and empower yourself.

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