Ebony Fagbuyi

3 Keys of Leadership I Live by

Assertive. Optimistic. Resilient. Uplifting. Understanding. Altruistic. Spiritual.

I’m Ebony, a German Xennial (micro-generation between Gen X and Millennials) with Nigerian roots who loves to travel the world and help others in any way possible. My signature strength is connectedness. Through clarity, I connect the dots.

As a former school speaker, I learned that leadership is in my DNA. Today I give trainings and speeches around the world, helping people with leadership development. I connect them with their true selves, with others, and with their surroundings. To achieve purpose-driven results.

My Journey


Growing up as a mixed raced foster child in a Caucasian family wasn’t always easy. Labeled by many, I faced rejection, skepticism, name-calling, and disrespect. But I had built-in optimism, and always asked myself „What if…?“ and „HOW can I…?“


I left my home town at the age of 19, to design my own life. Despite the negativity in my environment, I earned a management degree two years later, while working full time in Customer Care. At 24, I was diagnosed with a chronic spinal syndrome. I quickly bounced back to push through. In 2004, I successfully built a training department for a Berlin start-up, where I followed the call to join our third party supplier in a leading position in 2005.

I trained coached and uplifted hundreds of people in effective communication methods. After that, I wrote my first book and landed my dream job at Sony Europe in 2007. I wrote my second book and went on to become certified as a personal and business coach in 2012. This was also the year I founded the first of my two businesses.


Over time I learned a great deal about how people think and behave. And I learned a lot about myself. In 2013 I was recruited to head training & development at a startup. I took a totally different approach to transforming team culture and training others to become effective leaders. Despite the success, I got fired for being too different.

In 2014 I learned what that difference means when I earned certification in Orlando as a John Maxwell Leadership Trainer, Coach and Speaker. I was a transformational leader, who genuinely serves others, from C-level executives to staff members. Driven by my thirst for development I became certified as behavioral profiler in 2016. My emphasis lies on the beauty of humans, their values, desires and spirit to develop human greatness. The authentic self.

A few of the amazing people I had the pleasure to work with...